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Support Your Friends in Marketing

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I blame that on a lot of traveling and not carrying a laptop with me! They’re heavy! LOL. Today I want to talk about supporting your friends in marketing. How many times have we, mainly women, gotten the card/email/phone call, that someone was having a “party”? We all have right? Probably more than once inwardly groaned a bit because we knew we’d be expected to spend money on something we didn’t want too. Every once in a while a friend would join one of the companies and then we’d have to host a party for them! UGH. Major out loud groan right? But we love them and so we did it, smile firmly pasted in place, hugs all around. Guess what friends? Things have changed!! Now you can support your friends without spending a dime! Without cleaning your house, without passing a catalog, without even leaving the couch!! WHAT?? Yes, it’s true!! For most of us marketers, Facebook is our main source of free advertising. Facebook knows this and to keep us on our toes, they have this funny thing called an “algorithm”. We know about the algorithm, which BTW, is always changing, and have learned a few tricks to keep things fresh. Here’s how you can help us out, without spending a dime, leaving your couch or putting on your makeup! When you see a post from us, like AND comment. Facebook has a way of tracking this. The more likes and comments we get the more popular Facebook thinks we are and the more we show up in peoples timelines. Comments weigh more than likes so even if you just throw an emoji in there, it counts! If you haven’t seen us in a while, and by a while I mean a few hours. Most marketers will post 2-4 times per day, look for us! If you see us posting about a hangout/zoom meeting/call, offer to be tagged in the post even if you’re not interested. This allows our post to be seen by everyone on your friends list! Please don’t decide for them whether they may or may not be interested! We promise not to harass them if they contact us. Even better, if you see us posting about our business, share it on your wall. You can always add a disclaimer saying something like, “This is my friends business. If you’re interested, drop them a DM.”. Easy peasy right? Here’s a good one, ask your friends how you can help them to market their business! You don’t have to be interested yourself, but this is your friend and you want them to be successful right? Or this one, if you’re talking to people and they happen to bring up a subject that covers a friends business, give them a plug! Ask your friend for some business cards and hand them out when appropriate! Lastly, those of us in marketing know someone in literally every business out there! So when you want a product sold online, if you don’t know someone personally, please come to us first! We’re your friend, we’ll make sure you get the best!

7 Minute Workout

Raise your hand if you’re not a fan of working out! Mine’s up! I love to walk but that’s about it. But I can do 7 minutes. How about a 7 minute, customized plan just for you? Whether you work out at home or in a gym, I have a company that will make a plan for you! Simple, easy to follow and you’ll see and feel results in the first 10 days! Imagine a customized workout plan, complete with easy to follow videos, that you can take with you anywhere you go! This has been fantastic for me because I travel A LOT! And 7 minutes……who can’t give up 7 little minutes a day? You can do ANYTHING for 7 minutes! OK, what if I throw in a FREE trial? Come on, you know you want to say yes right? Go ahead and do it!


What’s Your Passion?

People come to me all the time and ask me which of my businesses they should join.  My first question to them is always this, “What are you passionate about?”  I believe you will be more successful in business, if you join a business that has a product line you are passionate about.  Too many times I’ve seen people join a company because someone else was making good money with them so they figured they could too.  Maybe.  But not if it’s not your passion. Get ready because I’m going to lay a truth bomb on you.  You CAN be passionate about making money!!  Yup, I said it!  And I believe it too!  But if that’s your passion then don’t join a makeup company!  Or a weight loss company!  I have companies in my “mini mall” that I keep there for the sole purpose of residuals!  Others are there because I truly have a strong passion for the products.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!  You need to understand though, if you’re just starting out in this business, you don’t start with a mini mall!  You build up to that!  It took me a couple of years of hard work, lots of tears, some screaming and yes, failure, to get where I am today.  I’m still not where I intend to be either.  I’m getting there though.  You need to be willing to open your ears and your mind.  Wipe the slate clear of everything you think you know and throw it away.  I don’t care how smart you are.  There’s an old saying, “If you want to be something, surround yourself with people who already are.”  I add on to that, “And mimic every single thing they do.”  Don’t think you know better than someone who has already paved the way……until your way at least has some pavement on it!

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Why I’m an online entrepreneur……

Why I’m an online entrepreneur: Few people know this story, but it explains why I do what I do. 5 years ago, through circumstances beyond my control, I had to move myself, my 3 kids & our 3 cats into a hotel. I was separated from my husband and although he was very generous, I hadn’t worked since I was pregnant with Jeffy, over 14 years earlier and didn’t have any credit in my own name! I had no idea how I was going to be able to move us out of there. 5 months later I bought this house! Such a happy day!! Unfortunately, 9 days after we moved in my grandmother died. The rational part of my brain says the only emotion I should feel is happy that I had so many years with her. But we all know that rational and emotion rarely go hand in hand! I sunk into a depression so deep and dark, it took a full year for me to even begin to recover. Some of the scars though are permanent. I still deal with anxiety issues and panic attacks. On top of that, I’ve suffered from chronic migraines since I was a teenager. In the last couple of years they’ve gotten increasingly more intense. Not necessarily more often, but the pain and associated symptoms are worse. Often they’re accompanied by, or preceded by “brain zaps”. What a joy those are! So the migraines get worse and the government, not the insurance company, says I can only have 8 rescue pills per months. Ummm…..what?? Try telling that to disability and watch them laugh you out of their office too. So I can’t have enough meds to keep me from having debilitating migraines and I don’t qualify for disability, but I clearly can’t function. I think you see where I’m going here right? I have been extremely fortunate that I had the option of staying home with my kids for almost their entire lives, but just as I’m getting to the “empty nest” stage and it’s time for me to figure out what I’m going to do with myself, I’m in a position where I’m not able to work a traditional job. I can’t guarantee on any given day what I might be capable of. When I take my med “cocktail” I’m not able to drive. Something rarely mentioned with migraines is how they make your brain fuzzy and concentration next to impossible. Sometimes I sleep all day and am up all night. Internet marketing allows me to work when my body is able to…..on MY schedule not someone elses! Best of all……I’m now working with an AMAZING team of people, who are so supportive that I KNOW I’ll have no trouble of reaching my goals! So let me ask you this ……..If you knew there was a group, led by a self taught 6 figure earner, where you could make a ONE TIME investment in YOURSELF and literally be told what to do and how to make money, would you do it? If your answer is yes, PM me, comment below!! If I can do this ANYONE can!! Our team has members ranging in age from 17-70’s! It’s literally as easy as following directions! Either way…..keep watching and feel free to cheer me on!!

Back to the Future

We get asked this question all the time, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Think back to 5 years ago. Are you where you thought you’d be now? Are you where you want to be now? Five years ago, I was just recovering from a nervous breakdown after the death of my grandmother. Sounds crazy at my age I know, but it happened. I knew her death was going to hit me hard, but I could never have guessed that I was going to experience what I did. Other than anything that had to do with my kids, I literally took to my bed for an entire year. Something I can guarantee you she would not have approved of! She survived worse. I could barely think 5 hours ahead so 5 years was just too much for me then. How many times though, do we do that in our lives? Not necessarily because of a traumatic event, but because we just get used to the routine? It’s easy to get stuck in the holding pattern of life. Of wanting more but being afraid to take a chance of breaking that “safe” pattern. But what if you don’t have to actually break out of the safety of the pattern to have more in your life? What if you can have more of what you want and still have all the safety that you feel now? Ask yourself again, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Now ask yourself, where do you WANT to be in 5 years? Are the visions the same? If not, what do you need to do to change them? Whatever your goals for your future, I have ways to help you achieve them! I can help you from simple things such as saving money on things you do every day, to bigger things like improving your credit score and earning extra income to the biggest of all….FIRING YOUR BOSS! Browse through my website and/or ask me for info anytime. I don’t push anyone into my businesses EVER! I’m here to share information to help you! I guarantee you I have something for everyone! Whether you want to make money, save money or both!


Today I mark that grand re opening of me!  I’ve been a serious online entrepreneur for roughly 2 years and dabbled for a year or two prior to that.  I made plenty of mistakes in that time, but thought I had finally figured it out.  I was wrong.  I made the classic marketing mistake that has been made by many companies in history – I tried to force a brand on myself that wasn’t who I was.  I had a good reason for it.  The brand I am, the brand I am re releasing myself as, the brand that I have actually been known as for years, was a name that was very close to that of one of my mentors.  I wasn’t afraid of being mistaken for her, because that would be a high compliment!  However, I was concerned that if I used my brand, it would look like I was trying to ride her coattails.  My intentions were good, but it was a bad business move.  People had no idea who I was, when I wasn’t being me.  I was still making money, but not as much as I know I’m going to be making now, marketing my brand for who I’m already known as.  I will take nothing away from my mentor, I couldn’t if I tried!  She is her own brand.  Lesson learned!  Don’t make the same mistake I made.  When marketing yourself, in whatever area you may be in, school, sports, business, life in general, don’t try to be what you’re not!  Best the best version of you and remember that no one can be you better than you can.

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Communication – The MOST important part of any relationship.

Ok kids, todays word of the day is “COMMUNICATION”. We all know what it means, but do we really employ it as we should on a daily basis? When in a conversation are you LISTENING to the other people or are you just waiting to speak? Yes, there are always going to be people you come across who wont listen. You can only control YOUR actions. Are YOU listening or waiting to speak. You know what? You can ask questions too! Questions you may think you can’t ask because of race or religion or politics! If you ask because you genuinely want to understand and not because you’re looking for an excuse to bash someone for their answer! You know how I know? Because I’ve asked! I was raised in a very non diverse town. Not my fault. Probably not my parents fault either. Although I honestly don’t remember either of my parents having a friend who wasn’t almost exactly like them, I also don’t remember them ever, even today, making any comments about other races. My mother once made a comment about religion and I put her in her place just as fast! 😉 My point is, I had to learn about other kinds of people on my own, because there weren’t really any other kinds in town. Add to that the fact that I was painfully shy. Not kidding. My mother literally would have to tell the teachers there was nothing wrong with me, I just wouldn’t speak until I was ready to! Usually took me until the end of October! Clearly I don’t have that problem anymore. I also don’t have a problem with asking people about themselves and LISTENING to the answers they give! I may never agree with what they say or what they believe but that’s ok! It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! I don’t choose my friends because of their backgrounds! And if you ask any of them, they’ll tell you once my friend, always my friend! It takes A LOT to lose me as a friend! My oldest and dearest friend and I met on my 3rd birthday! Yup, shes still around! I know this is long but since we’re talking about communication….read it anyway! 😉 Otherwise we’re left with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlN3c_-oc3s

Get Rich Quick!!

How many times a day do we see this headline?  Plenty right?  And our first instinct is to file it away into the “it’s a scam” folder of our brains.  But what does “rich” mean to you?   Do you have to have to be a millionaire to be rich, or can you have an extra $500 a month to be rich?  Now what about quick?  How long is quick?  A day, week, year?  It’s all relative.  Time, money.  Here’s the thing though.  If you don’t start now, you’ll still be where you are today, tomorrow.   Over this long weekend, take some time to think about this: Are you where you want to be and if not, what will it take to get there?

If I could show you a way to make an extra $500 a month from home would that change your life?  Click the button below for more information.

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Have a safe and Happy Labor Day!

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Internet Marketing – Real or Scam?

Some people don’t understand that internet marketing is real. So lets just take a quick look at some things that I’ve made public that give you a glimpse into my financial life without directly discussing my finances…….First I’d like to point out that the ONLY debt I have is my mortgage. I have credit cards, cash back only, and use them as much as possible to get as much cash back as possible! Never say no to free money! I never carry a balance and pay interest! As I said, I own my home, and it’s a good sized one. Not a McMansion but certainly not a shack either. I don’t own a car because I have no need of one right now and can’t see the point in spending my vacation money on something else! 😉 Now lets just rewind a bit shall we, back to last September. I took my “other” daughter to NYC for a long weekend. We had tons of fun sightseeing and saw Kinky Boots! Check out the pics. Paid for by yours truly! Move on to October. You may recall a ton of pictures from all over Europe? Look back they’re great! I took my youngest son to Ireland, Sicily, Mt Vesuvius/Herculaneum, Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam. We were gone for a month. I paid for everything except the souvenirs he purchased. I may have my dates mixed up, but I think it was November I was back in NYC for a few days, taking in the sights again and saw Madame Butterfly! Highly recommend it BTW! I love NYC but can only do a couple of days at a time! It’s exhausting!! Early December was Christmas at Fenway, where I purchased my SoxPax and my season tickets, plus a few goodies for later! Christmas, yup, had a great one and paid cash for all the great gifts! When I say cash, I mean put it on my cash back cards and paid them off immediately! January found me in FL, spending a day at Busch Gardens and on the special tour feeding giraffes, then a last minute Disney cruise with my bff! Always tons of fun! April, back to FL with my youngest son and his girlfriend to see my niece and take her to Disney. 10 days that trip. Yup all paid for by me again other than the souvenirs! Sorry, take that back, my son did buy dinner for his grandmothers birthday. Then I had 2 extra kids in for the summer. Have you seen how much young adult males eat?? I loved every minute of it and miss them like crazy!!! Ok so this is super long but I think you get the point! I did all this while still paying all my household bills. I still pay the boys car insurance, bought a car for my daughter last August, pay the cell phone bills for 6 of us, and don’t carry credit card debt! Oh yeah….forgot to mention all the fun concerts I went to! So here’s the point, I’M MAKING MONEY!! Good money obviously since I can afford all of this. Just because I’m not flashing $100’s all over the place or talking about my earnings doesn’t mean shit! What I do is REAL! And guess what, I’m off to Los Angeles, in September already paid for, and am taking my youngest son and his girlfriend to London and Amsterdam in October! Now, raise your hand if you want info on working at home ……or anywhere really, like I do and living a better life than the one you already are!!

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Terrible Employee, but an Excellent Entrepreneur

Shared from my friend Aviin Tims but so fitting for all of us!

Terrible Employee, but an Excellent Entrepreneur

I was thinking the other day that A LOT of the qualities that made me a terrible employee make me an excellent entrepreneur.

What most employers view as laziness, entrepreneurs view as efficiency. Finding the best way to accomplish a task with minimal effort, freeing up more time to accomplish more.

What most employers would look at as having a problem with authority, entrepreneurs realize that growth occurs when you question societal norms that are archaic and outdated.

Employees want to be paid hourly, and focus on you hitting certain production goals to ensure the companies profitability.

Most employees are lazy because they know they can “ride the time clock” and get paid regardless.

(Side note: this is how they keep you trapped in a soul sucking job. Time is linear, and you can only work so many hours.)

Entrepreneurs know its better to be paid per your performance because you will never achieve wealth trading time for money.

Employees don’t want to take any personal responsibility for their own income, and would rather be dependent on someone else. They are scared of taking risks.

Entrepreneurs know they are 100% responsible for their own income, and are self sufficient and independent of anyone else.

They would rather for 90 hours a week for a few years so that they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Employees are fearful and afraid.

Entrepreneurs are upbeat and optimistic.

Employees are ok with working 40 hours a week for 40 years.

Employees are creatures of habit and fear change.

Entrepreneurs embrace change because they realize that change happens outside of your comfort zone.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an employee, i just don’t have it in me.

Call it pride, arrogance, laziness….

Call it whatever you like. But I’m an entrepreneur to my bones. Its in my blood.

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